The Claysmile speakers are motivational speakers who are actively managed by Claysmile Entertainment. They each have their own unique style as they share encouragement and insights with their audiences.

Speaker Claysmile

Lance “Claysmile” Smith graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Accounting. He worked as an auditor for the federal government for 6 years. In 2007, he became a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). In 2010, he resigned from his government job in order to focus full-time on operating his educational consulting company – Claysmile Entertainment. Claysmile provides Zumba dance parties, school dances, and motivational presentations that help people elevate their emotional, physical, and financial health. His presentations have become the content for “The Claysmile Show,” a TV show. As a published author of several books, his most recent and most popular book is “Pocketful of Sunshine”. His programs are high-energy and truly unforgettable. In addition, he is a licensed Zumba instructor.

Destiny Clark

Miss Maryland 2015 Destiny Clark
Miss Maryland, Destiny Clark, was awarded her title at the Miss Maryland Pageant in June.
In September, she competed in the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Destiny was recognized as a Quality of Life Scholarship Semi-finalist for her work promoting her platform “Forge your own Destiny: Overcoming adversity with Self Discovery and Mentorship.”
A talented vocalist, Destiny was named a non-finalist talent winner and awarded a $1,000 scholarship.
Destiny is from Gaithersburg, Maryland and has been accepted at Berklee College of Music.


Marlon Smith
Marlon is on a mission. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering. As a college student, Marlon’s proudest moment came when he founded Street Academics, a youth leadership program, where college students provided mentoring for high school and middle school students. Marlon’s corporate experience includes working as a systems engineer for two fortune- 500 corporations, IBM and Hewlett-Packard in Silicon Valley. During his lunch breaks, Marlon traveled to various schools to share strategies for helping struggling students maximize their true potential. On January 15, 1992, Marlon listened to his heart and resigned from Hewlett-Packard to follow his mission of inspiring more individuals and communities to be their best. As a keynote inspirational speaker and leadership consultant, Marlon has empowered corporations, organizations, schools and communities in 45 states and 17 countries throughout the world. Because of his unique presentation style and impact, Marlon has traveled abroad on numerous speaking tours throughout the former Soviet Union (in Moscow, Gorney-Altay, Kazakhstan), Canada, Mexico, Japan, England, the Caribbean, Botswana, LeSotho, Ghana, Swaziland, Australia, and South Africa. Marlon opened a Success By Choice office in South Africa where he produced the “Motivational Mondays” television series and “Success is Your Choice” radio program. Marlon was featured in ESSENCE Magazine as one of the top inspirational speakers. Contributing to the Tony Robbins’ Global Youth Leadership Summit for 16 consecutive years, being a contributing author to the international best-selling “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, and being a semi-finalist for Oprah’s BIG GIVE program, Marlon feels blessed to share insights that produce results. Marlon is an Amazon #1 best-selling author and his books are impacting the world. Today, Marlon and his wife Syreeta live in Charlotte, North Carolina where they are raising their daughter Jade and son Cory.

Jeanette Contreras
Jeanette is a graduate of Kansas State University. Her hobbies include playing soccer and practicing karate.  In fact, she has won two karate state championships.  In addition, she has successfully competed in various beauty pageants.  She was crowned Miss Cinco De Mayo in 2008 and Miss Kansas Latina in 2012.  Currently, she works as a forensic photographer and is a NFL Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ambassador.





Luke Wright

Luke is the catalyst that brings about the required change needed for success. With energy and home hitting stories that resonate with his audiences he instantly builds a connection. With that connection Luke is able to take his audience where they already wanted to go, but may have struggled in doing so alone.
His strong focus on pursuing ones passion and purpose and disabling excuses enables him to empower individuals to become more effective participants and contributors to their groups and organizations.
From start to finish Luke brings the energy that will keep your audience focused and wanting more.
As a member of the John Maxwell Team he capitalizes on his 20 plus years as an enlisted and United States Marine Corps officer to also speak and coach on leadership. His stories will paint descriptive pictures you can reach out and touch and automatically relate to. His insight and knowledge will give your audience the tools to make the changes you want in order to create the success you require.
This experienced Toastmaster and humorous speech contest winner will make your audience laugh while he weaves in lessons and tools, that will empower them to take charge and bring about the change that will began to create the life they truly want for themselves.
Individuals, groups, businesses, large corporations and organizations all want to be happy by creating success through the achievement of their goals. Luke Wright brings the messages that initiates that end-state.
Success is a choice that our excuses are not willing to make. However stepping off toward and building on success is something you will achieve with the Luke Wright experience. Luke motivates !


Moses Rodrigues
Moses was born and raised in the DMV area. Upon graduating from Walt Whitman High School, he enlisted in the United States Army, active-duty service for a total of four years. During that time frame, he served overseas for two years and was deployed for six months.
Upon leaving the military, Moses pursued his career in the performing arts at Montgomery Community College. After two years, he was accepted to the University of the Arts musical theater program in Philadelphia where he earned his BFA in Theater Arts. Since then, Moses has been fortunate enough to have been part of national tour performances, regional theaters in and outside of Maryland. He has also been a professional emcee/host for the past 13 years. It is a strong passion for Moses to share his knowledge from his own personal life to help benefit others who are or may have been in similar situations in life.
One of his favorite quotes is by Kevin Spacey: “If you’re lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down.”


Ty Nichols

Ty is a Senior Manager at Target Corp. with a responsibility for hiring, performance management, pricing, presentation and logistics.  He is a resilient and adaptable leader with strong decision-making and contingency planning skills.  He is a team-oriented thinker with an ability to engage, inspire and influence others.  He is an assertive leader with a dynamic sense of managing talent.  Prior to Target, he worked for Comcast Inc. in marketing; responsible for obtaining new clients, competition analysis, client relations, door to door sales and hosting Comcast events, such as The NBC4 Digital Expo and Cable Channel G4 Madden football tournaments.  He is currently a full time student majoring in Marketing, Vice President of Education for Columbia Toasters International and a member of a youth group called B.R.O.T.H.E.R.S. (brothers reach out to help each reach success). Through work experience, community involvement and college, he has been able to hone his skills as an effective communicator, leader, orator and great salesman. However, his true passion lies with helping today’s youth discover a path to a better life than their parents had.  He is helping teens and young adults realize their true potential, chase their dreams, achieve true success and aim high.

Nick Caparell

Nick has been inspiring and motivating people of all ages for over 30 years. Since graduating from the University of Miami in 1980, he has been involved in both the fitness revolution of the eighties and the martial arts craze of the nineties.
Nick has owned and operated Rockville Martial Arts and Learning Center in Rockville, Maryland since 1995.
In addition, Nick is a seasoned motivational speaker with a unique style that blends humor, real life events, and mesmerizing story telling.
Nick also is currently in the final stages of completing his first book about the trials and tribulations of life.
As Nick says, “Live each day with passion and never stop learning…be a student of life and all that it has to teach you.” He adheres to the Anthony Robbins philosophy of CANI= Constant And Never-ending Improvement.

Speaker Chad

Chad R.

The son of Melvin and Yvonne Franklin, Chad Ricardo, a graduate of James Madison University is a speaker, journalist, master of ceremonies and generator of positive energy.
He has over 7 years experience working with youth, grades k-12 , leading various programs from sports and fitness, to chess club and even those focusing on positive action; teaching teens the importance of sound decision making.
In addition to his work in the school system, Ricardo also produced a popular motivational video series titled, “Things my Mama taught Me”, which effectively helped many viewers address common, yet critical issues and subsequently improve their physical and mental health.



Eric Peacock

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, as a teenager, Eric (like most of the youth in his neighborhood) joined a gang and sold drugs. Knowing that there was greater potential inside than being a statistic on the streets, Eric joined the United States Navy and served 4-years, which included a tour in the Persian Gulf War.

Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and speaks on many different platforms (schools, churches, banquets, etc.), encouraging, motivating and speaking into the lives of youths and adults.

As a mentor to some and a musician to others, Eric also writes poetry. Passionate about empowering others, on and off the platform, Eric is a motivated speaker who enjoys any opportunity given to inspire others to be all that they can be.