Motivational Presentations

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The Power of Positivity

A motivational presentation that effectively empowers and encourages students to maintain positive attitudes.  Through a series of engaging, thought-provoking, and exhilarating stories and illustrations, Lance shows students how to apply the values of gratitude, perseverance, self-control, compassion, and optimism.

Money Smart

In a motivational, entertaining, and participatory style, this presentation provides students with specific tips and insights regarding how to make and manage money wisely.  It touches upon issues such as career management, materialism, credit cards, zero-based budgeting, needs vs. wants, the benefits of staying out of debt, the importance of having an emergency fund, the advantages of starting early to invest into mutual funds, the power of compound interest, the attitude of gratitude, and the joy of generosity.  This presentation gives students encouragement and a blueprint regarding how to build and maintain financial wealth.
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