The Party Motivators of Claysmile Entertainment are professional dancers who maximize the level of fun of any party. They are a very enthusiastic, out-going, and  talented group of dancers who are actively managed by Claysmile Entertainment. They are amazing entertainers, more than just dancers. They skillfully keep the spotlight on the guest of honor as they engage the crowd with fun, easy-to-follow dance moves as well as interactive games. Their energy and their smiles exhilarate and enhance the quality of the party.  They specialize in doing bar/bat mitzvah parties, birthday parties, Zumba Fitness events, holiday parties, fundraisers, corporate events, and school events.





1. Alena







2. Alison












3. Ariana













4. Arina














5. Ashlea












6. Avery














7. Christine












8. Dahlia













9. Dwight














10. Emily












11. Halle















12. Jeanette











13. Jill












14. Justin












15. Lance










16. Lauren













17. Lexi











18. Lucy











19. Maxine










20. Michele














21. and 22. Morgan & Madison (The M&M Twins)








23. Madison S












24. Nora









25. Sean












26. Shannon














27. Stephen














28. Zuzu